Fiesta del mar

A combination of fish ceviche, mix, and shrimp tostadas oysters and a chalupa with sautéed shrimp, octopus and abulon and diabla sauce and garlic sauce $47


Lightly breaded shelled shrimp dressed up in a savory tatemado (spicy) sauce $21

Consome Presidencial

Consome with shrimp and fish combination with habanero and avocado $11

Tacos de Marlin

3 swordfish style sauteed quesadilla with onion and tomato $12


Spicy raw shrimp that is marinated in aguachile sauce and served with a small portion of fish ceviche $21

Ostiones Presidenciales

Oysters topped with fish ceviche minced habanero $25

Tacos Gobernador

3 Shrimp quesadillas styled tacos with red onions & chile poblano $13

Tacos Dorados de Camaron

2 Shirmp hard shell tacos with bell peppers, pico de gallo with cabbage, cheese and chipotle sauce $10

Queso Fundido

Jack and Oaxacan cheese with diced chorizo and diced jalapeño $13

Fiesta Platter

A combination of cheese quesadilla, taquitos, nachos and mojo fries $18

Sope Trio

Try three different mini sopes all on one plate! Our trio includes carne asada, grilled chicken, and carnitas. $12


Cripsy tortilla chips topped with beans, cheese, and ranchera sauce. Served with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and jalapeños. Your choice of carne asada, chicken, or carnitas! $14


Eight juicy, bone-in wings choose one: Buffalo, BBQ, Mango Habanero or Hot BBQ Served with celery, carrot sticks, and ranch for dipping. $11

Taquitos with Guacamole

Shredded beef taquitos topped with sour cream and guacamole with a side of beans $12

Guacamole $M.P.


Don Alejo Platter

(Serves 4) Grilled steak, chicken, carnitas, quesadillas, taquitos, strips of queso fresco and chorizo. Served with a side of rice and beans. $65

Fajitas Pescador $12

Molcajete de Mariscos

Fish fillet, two bacon wrapped shrimp and two grilled shrimps, octopus, & abalone dipped in our molcajete sauce sizzling in a volcano rock. Accompanied with rice and beans. $36

Fajitas 4 Mares

Grilled sizzling shrimp, fish, octopus, abulon with sautéed vegetables. Accompanied with an order of rice, and beans. $26


Grilled steak & chicken, grilled shrimp, chorizo, cactus, & strips of “queso fresco”, dipped in our molcajete sauce sizzling in a volcano rock. Accompanied with rice and beans. $30

Fajitas de Pollo o Asada $21

Fajitas de Camaron $22



Grilled “ranchera” steak accompanied with a mole enchilada and spanish style rajas. $19

Carne Sonora

Grilled top sirloin steak with a chile relleno. $19


Pork carnitas plate. $17

Mar y Tierra

Top sirloin steak & four shrimp any style. $19.5

Carne a la Diabla

Diced top sirlon cooked with onions & hot sauce. Favorite for hot chile eaters! $19

Chile Verde / Rojo

CHILE ROJO Tender chunks of beef in red sauce served with rice, beans, and guacamole. $15 CHILE VERDE Tender chunks of pork in a green chile sauce served with rice, beans, and guacamole. $15

Top Sirloin $18


Pollo Tampiqueño

Grilled chicken breast with an enchilada.  $18

Steak & Chicken  $18

Pollo con rajas

Delicious breaded chicken breast served with spanish style rajas. $18


Escoja 2 opcioines y forme la combinación de su agrado.

Select 2 items & make your own combination. $18

• Shredded beef taco

• Shredded chicken taco

• Asada taco

• Chicken taco

• Chile relleno

• Sope carnitas

• Enchilada mole cheese

• Enchilada mole chicken

• Cheese enchilada

• Beef enchilada

• Chicken enchilada

• Asada Sope

• Chicken sope

• Taquitos

• Taco a la diabla

• Grilled fish taco

• Breaded fish taco

• Grilled shrimp taco

• Shrimp enchilada



• Asada • Chicken • Carnitas $12


Salmon Pescador

Grilled salmon fillet with four large shrimp $23

Mar y mar

Tender fish fillet & four large shrimp any style. $20

Camarones Pescador

Three wrapped in bacon, Three breaded & Three in garlic sauce. $19

Caldo 7 Mares

An exquisite soup including seven different kinds of fresh seafood: crab, shrimp, fish, a type of abalone, clams, calamari and octopus. $25


Fried fish. Choose one of the following: Fried, Garlic or Habanero. $20

Campechana Cocktail

Shrimp & Octopus cocktail $19

Vuelve a la Vida Cocktail

Shrimp, Octopus, Abulon & Oyster cocktail $20

Shrimp Cocktail $19

Trio Pescador

Try all three tostadas. Mixta, fish, shrimp tostada $19

Tostada de Ceviche $11

Tostada de Camaron $13

Tostada Mixta $12

Tostada Reina $16


• 2oz Sour Cream $ 0.5

• Side of 2oz Queso Fresco $ 0.5

• 2oz Guacamole $ 1.5

• Side of Potato Salad $ 2

• Side of Chiles Toreados $ 2

• Side of Cebollitas (3) $ 2

• Side Salad $ 2.5

• Side of Pico de Gallo $ 2.5

• Side of Salsa Molcajete $ 2.5

• Side of Salsa Diabla  $ 2.5

• Side of Salsa Mole  $ 2.5

• Chorizo a la carte  $ 3

• Side of Queso Fresco (4 strips)  $ 3

• Side of Vegetables  $ 4

• Side of Nopal $ 3

• Side of Curtido Habanero $ 2

• Side of Frijoles $ 3

• Side of Arroz $ 3

• Side of ½ Avocado $ 3.5

• Side of Rajas  $ 4

• Side of French Fries  $ 3

• A la carte Enchilada (2) $ 4.5

• Guarnicion (Rice, beans, guacamole) $ 4

• Side of Seasoned Fries $ 3

• Side of Full Avocado $ 5

• A la carte Enchilada de Mole (2)  $ 4.5

• A la carte Chile Relleno $ 6

• A la carte Enchilada de Camaron (2) $7.5

• A la carte Camarones (6) $ 8

• Top sirloin a la carte $ 8

• Pollo a la carte $ 8

• A la carte Fillet $ 8